Corona Virus and the Real Estate Market

I am getting a lot of questions about the Corona Virus and the Real Estate market. The good news is the real estate market is still strong, but understandably there are valid concerns. I wanted to address these concerns for my clients.

Right now in real estate, extra precautions are being taken at live showings to ensure the safety of our clients. From disinfecting before and after all showings to requiring shoe coverings, hand-wipes, sanitizers, and hand soap at all times, we’re taking all precautions to keep our clients safe. I am also doing a lot of video previews for my clients as well to eliminate the need to go out.

All the while, the market is doing some interesting things right now. I am seeing an increase in online searches and showings as people are commuting less and staying home. Mortgage rates are extremely low, giving buyers a lot of advantages.

People are using money that has been pulled out of stocks and investing in second homes and investment properties with the extra cash they have on hand.

Please give me a call to discuss your questions. I am happy to talk.

STECK at Kentwood Real Estate DTC

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