Denver Real Estate Rebounds & Strategy

▪️ The real estate market has rebounded from a short and slight slowdown due to COVID-19. While we are still in thick of things from a pandemic standpoint, Denver’s real estate is still moving.

▪️ Right now, there are more strategic and serious buyers. Those that are buying homes or investment properties at this time are serious. Homebuyers want to get in now before anything changes. Investors are finding deals and opportunities. There are no more ‘looky-loos’ on the market anymore.

▪️ This has been an interesting season, from brief pauses to extremely busy periods of activity. Overall, real estate is moving, and buyers are placing offers and sellers are listing – especially in the $700K and below range when it comes to residential real estate.

Please reach out to me for your real estate needs. I am always happy to help. Be safe and hope you’re enjoying your summer.



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